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What’s up marketers and problem solver Rod here wanting to bring you guys another article today. I want to talk about how to make money with Google even as a broke entrepreneur or broke student or broke anything. We’re going to really put you guys in a position so that you can make money so you not going to be broke. I have just four points that I’m going to go over today. Google is a great platform because it has a ton of traffic and a ton of opportunity. I want to give you guys some real-world strategies so that you can make money and not be broke anymore. Even if you are broke now you can actually start these strategies and get your site started.

First, let me give you a few prerequisites. Before applying these strategies I am about to give you, please have a business idea, knowledge of a specific industry and how to solve specific problems in that industry. These strategies are going to be hard for you to implement if you don’t have these prerequisites. Only because you have to create specific content to showcase your knowledge and be able to help people. I have a 7 step guide below to help you pick your Niche and help you get those prerequisites down. The link to my 7 step guide is below. It is a digital marketing/affiliate marketing/freelance career guide. It’s free right now so go ahead and click on the link below so that you guys can take advantage of my free guides while they’re there free.

You have to have that Niche and how to solve problems down pat. Then you’ll be good to go. But you may think hey I don’t have knowledge in anything but if you think about it, a lot of you guys are really techie, maybe you have experience with cell phones, cameras, video equipment, or computers. That’s information that people want to know about online and if that’s a niche that you’re interested in, you can really help people solve problems. So pick a specific niche, it may be a small niche but it’s okay you’re going to make a ton of money this way. You don’t have to have a lot of people come into your website in order to make money .

Create a WordPress Site

The next step is to have a WordPress site I would prefer you have a paid WordPress site where you go to GoDaddy or Bluehost to set up a domain name and hosting. If you prefer to go the free route because your broke, then there is the free site that I recommend. It’s going to have ads, it’s not going to be streamlined like the paid route but it’s a way to get started. BUT I don’t want you to be on free platform long, it’s just a stepping stone to get you guys started. The minute you start making money you want to start to migrate your website to a proper domain name and hosting.

Once you start your platform on up, that is going to be your location where you can actually start making money on Google. You can start making money on Google with ads pretty fast on because
Words Press is a trusted site. Google is going to allow you to put ads on your site and be able to make money. It’s going to be limited and you’re not going to be able to do a lot with it but it gets you in the door. While you have a job, go ahead and save you a little money. When you are ready, then migrate to your own domain.

Once Google can index your content, they will be able to provide ads to your particular visitors. Once you have your ads going, you can add some affiliate links, and after that, you can add your own products.

Start Writing SEO Friendly Articles On Your Website

The next tip we’re going to give you is you must write seo-friendly articles. Google finds you by text that you write. You need to take this into consideration. Write your titles and metadata with this in mind also. I go into more depth with this in my 7 step guide. You may think hey I don’t have the knowledge to get ranked high but you’d be surprised if you provide a really thorough article that solves people’s problems it will resonate with Google. Because there’s a ton of generic content out there so it is easy to rank above that when you have your niche down.

Once you get to this point you really need to have your own domain name (, web hosting, and branding. And then you can be the consultant for that particular industry and you can make a ton of money. You with your own personal brand and expand to your business brand so you always had that level of flexibility. It’ll work for you now at the beginning and it will work for you when you expand into the intermediate and advanced stages.

Start Promoting Your Content

ok, so you have your WordPress site setup, you have your SEO content you have your articles, you have your images. Now you want to promote it. This is where you actually go to social media to promote it. You have a lot of options and a lot of them are free. I prefer the paid options because its targeted and faster but when you’re just getting started it’s best to go with social media. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the primary ways to get a lot of organic traffic. Forums help too. Quora is one also good and one of my favorites. I love Quora because you can get ideas about content, engage with people who have the problem that you’re trying to solve and you can easily turn these people into customers. People on Quora actively in the mindset of trying to find solutions to a problem. Make it your business to stand out as an expert. That’s money in the bank for you.

Don’t be affraid, jump right on in and start promoting yourself. Promote your business. A lot of artists and a lot of content creators say hey I can just create the content or the video or the pictures and the people will come. A lot of times that works depending on how good your content is but in a lot of cases you have to promote this content in order for it to work.

So, guys, I want you to promote your content, especially at the beginning. In my 7 step guide below I tell you how to promote your stuff too.

Engage With Your Audience

Last but not least you need to engage with your audience. I am still working on this myself. A lot of times I get wrapped up into creating the content and trying to monetize the content that I forget about my audience. Engaging directly with your audience builds a long-term audience. Google loves engagements because engagement keeps people on your website and on Google longer. Google has more opportunities for you to see those ads on your site and of course your affiliate links too. As long as you’re engaging people on your platform Google will love you. This can really put yourself in the position to win.

I cover all this and more in my 7-step freelance guide below. So go ahead and check it out, it’s free and it will take you to the next level. Go ahead and start a conversation with me in the comments. I’ll see you guys in the next article.


Rod Robinson

Rod Robinson

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