5 Ways I ACTUALLY Make Money with Youtube in 2019 !!

How I make money on youtube

What’s up marketers in entrepreneurs, I want to bring you guys a YouTube video today where I am going to talk about five ways that I actually make money on YouTube.

Monetizing Your YouTube Videos With Adsense

The first way is using AdSense. AdSense out of all of them is the one I make the least amount of money. Youtube puts ads on my video so I can make money. Not a lot of money but enough. I don’t depend on this and I don’t even really track it. It’s all over the place, one month you can make $1,000 and then next month it could be hundreds or even dollars so you do not want to depend on AdSense.

Monetizing Your YouTube Videos With Consulting Services

The second way is through Consulting services. This is the most lucrative as far as making money right now. You can charge as much as you want depending on the demand. The way I do it is with my digital marketing agency, I have client accounts that I manage and these clients want me to do different types of digital marketing services for them. For example SEO marketing or email marketing. But there are a lot of other services, you just have to be very knowledgeable and show them how to do it. Once they see your how-to videos they will realize they will not have the time to actually implement this for their businesses. So they will call you to provide them with a solution.

Monetizing Your YouTube Videos by Developing A Community

Developing a community is a great way to take your career to the next level because you want to be around like-minded individuals and this will put you in a position to win. You have to have a community of people who walk the walk and talk the talk. This will give you insight. Yes, you can get general information online or just get information from college students or teachers who actually have never done it. But being around people who are actually doing it you can get genuine insight and bounce ideas off of them and be a sounding board. In addition, your community can provide you with job leads or you can monetize it by charging a membership fee. I go into more depth of this in my free 7 step guide. Click here to get it.

Monetizing Your YouTube Videos by Offering Courses

Offering courses in your niche is a great way to monetize your Youtube videos. My niche, of course, is digital marketing and that’s what I focus on and give you a 360-degree solution. Services, courses memberships, meetings face to face and all of them revolve around digital marketing. Specifically, courses make money online but they get a bad rap because courses need to be updated all the time so you get a lot of out of date courses on the internet.

Monetizing Your YouTube Videos by Offering Speaking Gigs

Speaking gigs are another great way to monetize your Youtube videos. When people see you on YouTube and like what you are saying, they will want you to speak at their school, College event, and entrepreneurial meeting. Speaking gigs are an overlooked aspect to Youtube videos but it can be very lucrative. By leveraging your niche doing speaking gigs you can start making money on the speaking circuit. Maybe not as much as other people do but the goal is to get the message out where it makes sense. The key to this is really knowing your audience.

The Key Is Staying Focused On Your Niche

I make money on YouTube because all my efforts revolve around digital marketing. I stay in digital marketing and I highly suggest you guys if you’re going to make money, make money doing something specific, that way you can charge more. You’re not going to make a lot of money being a jack-of-all-trades. You need to perfect a skill. That’s digital marketing for me but for you, it could be photography or another niche. Just find out what you’re good at, what’s in demand and what people are going to pay for and double down on that.

In Conclusion

If you want to make money with Youtube and specifially digital marketing realize it is not a get-rich-quick thing, you have to commit to working hard at it. But developing your Youtube video plan is going to really put you guys in a position to win.

So, guys, that’s all five ways to make money with Youtube and anybody can it. You don’t want to have to be a rocket scientist. I’ve just started out and I’m leveraging all five of these and I suggest you guys do the same thing. Start with one and master it, then the next and the next thing you know you have all five. There are more than 5 ways but these are the easiest and fastest ways to make money. I make money using all kinds of different ways but these are the five specifically for YouTube-driven income.

I go into more depth in my free 7 step guide. So go ahead and get that and join the community so you can be around like-minded people and you can actually get started with that for free. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below. Also if you are already leveraging YouTube to make money please share your experience below and let’s start a conversation

Rod Robinson

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