Start Affiliate Marketing with Youtube for Beginners – Step By Step!

Affiliate Marketing with Youtube

What’s up marketers in problem solvers, Rod here checking in wanting to bring you article today. We’re going to talk about affiliate marketing and how we can make you guys money with YouTube. A lot of you guys got YouTube channels or you’re interested in making videos. You’re trying to leverage your affiliate marketing with Youtube and I want to give you guys some tips to get started. But before I do I want to say that I assume you have your foundation in place: Niche, knowledge & experience solving problems.

Find The Offers For your Youtube Channel.

First of all, I want to give you guys two tips about affiliate marketing. For beginners I want you to have your niche nailed down. Why? because you have to know something about a particular industry. You have to have experience solving problems in a particular niche. Because what we’re going to do on YouTubes build relationships via video and if you don’t have some knowledge about the niche your creating content in, it’s going to be hard your to offer your audience the product or service on the other side of your affiliate marketing links. If you don’t come across as being articulate or knowledgeable about what you’re doing you will be wasting your time. I want to help you save time by giving you guys the know how to invest in affiliate marketing. If you very little knowledge or experience about a niche you want to get into then you need to learn about it. The good thing is you don’t have to be an expert. You just have to know a little bit more than your audience so that you can provide them insight and ideas.

Being in affiliate marketing you are familiar with Amazon and ClickBank offers. I want to give you guys some insight. When your building relationships with people on You Tube, you have the option to put links in the description box below the video and all around the channel. The best way you are going to get people to click on these links is to provide value and encourage them to go to the description box. When you first start promoting your affiliate links on YouTube, you have to match the offer with the content. I can’t tell you guys how many times you find wrong offers on a Channel. If your fitness channel, you don’t need to be selling dog food. I see time and time again where people make these mistakes. You don’t want to oversell your audience on stuff that does not make sense. It’s okay to offer things that make sense for your messaging and channel. But it doesn’t make sense to overdo it because you come across as a sell-out. It’s okay if you don’t have a lot of content at first because you’re going to get more knowledgeable because as time goes on you are going to be able to provide more content and therefore more offers. So you need to keep this in mind.

Leverage Your Description & Video Link For Your Affiliate Offers

Number two leverage the description box more. YouTube lets you directly link to affiliate offers. Not so with Facebook unless it’s a trusted site. Youtube is a little bit more forgiving about it, they’re tightening it up but it’s still pretty good compared other platforms. You have a description box so use it. You can put however many links you want to have in there but don’t overdo it. You can do the same thing in other places on your YouTube channel. It’s important to leverage those places with affiliate links but remember to put a lot of good content in there other than your offers. You can also put Bitly in there so that you could track your links as well.

Also, if you are thinking about promoting ClickBank or JV Zoo offers, YouTube tends to allow them but I advise you to put them on your website first. Those affiliate links tend to change and when they do you have to go and change all the links on the videos. Unless it points to your website first. This way even when you have to change the links on your website at least they are coming to your website instead of getting a broken link. You have more control over how you direct your YouTube traffic.

At least YouTube still allows you to put affiliate links, a lot of platforms don’t allow you to do that anymore. You’re going to find out that a lot of platforms do not allow you to put affiliate offers on their platform because in the past you had too many get rich quick schemes, Black hat marketing tricks and email spam to promote affiliate links. All these black hat SEO and marketing tricks rubbed these platforms the wrong way. In 2019 they’re kind of lightening up this a little bit but still there a stigma out there about affiliate links and how they are scamming people. Affiliate marketing got a bad rap but I’m going to show you how to Market your affiliate links the right way. I’m going to show you the strategies you need to have in place that’s going to set you apart from the get-rich-quick, fly-by-night marketers and really put you in a position to win.

Have A Sequence Of Offers Based On Video Topics & Categories

The last tip I am going to give you is sequencing. It’s okay to go out and find different affiliate links and different offers but you need to put them where it makes sense. For example, you’re helping somebody build a studio full of audio equipment. Don’t do a video where you put a ton of affiliate links up front. Instead create a step by step video playlist to show how do you create soundproofing on a wall, how do you do lighting and how do you do audio. This way not only are you able to offer more affiliate links but it makes sense in the process. Don’t just have a wall full of links on every video that’s not specific to that video, it doesn’t make sense. A lot of YouTubers do that. I’ve been guilty of that in the past myself. I am learning that having a sequence that way if a customer or a visitor is looking at this YouTube video when they go down to the description box there’s new relevant information and it’s not the same old stale thing that’s something. I’m currently working on this and I suggest you guys do the same thing. You’ll make a ton more money put you in a position to win.

Guys as you already know I always try to get you guys in a position to win with affiliate marketing. I like affiliate marketing as a secondary option and use my own info products as my primary option. So I offer secondary affiliate links where it makes sense. I don’t want to oversell you on that but a lot of people like to use it as a primary option to make money so I’m going to make sure I provide that information. The main thing is to have multiple options, don’t put all your eggs in one affiliate marketing basket. Because once you start making a lot of money and depending on that, the merchant changes the rules. You see it with Apple, Amazon and with all the third-party merchants. They have these amazing affiliate programs at the beginning and can make a ton of money, you create your marketing strategy, website messaging all around those affiliate links but they’re going directly to the merchant who promotes their other products and services without you getting those commissions. At the end of the day, they just snatch those original customers away from you and you haven’t built your own brand.

So I am a huge fan of building your own brand first and then offer the affiliate links as a solution. That way they come to you the next time they have a problem in that area and you can offer them different affiliate links. A lot of people have a problem with that but I find that’s the best long-term strategy that’ll keep you in business so you can build a great agency or a great business in a way that you don’t necessarily have to do the day to day operations.

Be a problem solver so you can point them to the solution and as long as it works they’re going to keep coming back to you.

Like, comment and subscribe to my articles, I want to continue to help you guys really put yourself in the position to win. I am going to be providing you more affiliate marketing content, more YouTube and social media marketing tips and I want to help you guys really take your business to the next level. If you have questions, strike up a conversation in the comment section and get my free 7 step guide below.

Rod Robinson

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