3 Secrets About Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

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What’s up marketers in problem solvers. Rod here checking in. I wanted to bring you guys another video today and we going to talk about how to stop using affiliate marketing programs the wrong way. I want to explain first what this video is about. Yes, you can make money marketing affiliate programs. Yes, it’s a core component of what I do as a digital marketer. Yes, you can scale affiliate marketing campaigns out but you need to know the cons of all this. I learned this the hard way where you spend a lot of time setting up your affiliate links but you are not in control of it.

You Don’t Have Control Of Affiliate Marketing Programs

You see it with apple and other marketing programs and it’s going to happen with Amazon where they are in complete control of their affiliate marketing program. You don’t have a contract with them, they don’t have to tell you anything, you’re building your entire business, your entire campaign, everything around these Affiliates and they can pull that stuff from under you overnight without telling you anything. They can reduce your Commission, change the structure, cancel it altogether and you’re stuck with all this unnecessary baggage. No customer list or anything.

Another thing to keep in mind is there are so many different affiliate marketing strategies out there. You need to take into consideration the people selling those affiliate marketing strategies are probably making more money on that then they are making with affiliate commissions. I want to be straight up with you guys and let you know what the concerns are about affiliate marketing.

You Need To Start An Email List

The first thing I suggest you guys do is to start your own email list. Yes, email list! I’m going to cover a lot of stuff in this video but I can’t cover it all so what I’m going to do is put some links in the description box for courses and free guides so go ahead and jump on it while supplies last. Links are in the description below.

So let’s talk about the dangers of affiliate marketing. You see it time and time again either they do scary stuff like mlms or they change things up so you have no control of those affiliate marketing leads. By having your email list, it puts you in control.

Start Branding Yourself

Build your brand, your influence because it puts you in control. In this day and age on the internet, if you talk about becoming a freelance marketer working from home, you do not want one source controlling your income. It’s worth it having a job because at least with that job you get to talk to the HR people, you have an understanding, you have protections. But if your using just one affiliate program without at least building an email list that is you set your self up for failure. I see it time and time again, affiliate marketers build a program up, they start making thousands of dollars of livelihood, quit their jobs, start traveling, start depending on the money and then the affiliate pulls the rug from under him. Now they lost everything. They’re getting divorced, the kids don’t like them, Christmas is ruined so guys it’s so important that you don’t get caught. Unfortunately, some people are going to get caught. You’re going to be hearing this story and I’m going to refer them to this link on this video. I will tell them exactly what’s going to happen.

Start Your Email List Even If You Don’t Have A Product

I told you guys the problem now let’s talk about the solution. First things first, start your email list even if you don’t have a product, start your email list. Go out and offer people a free guide and offer them something of value so they get on your email list. Once they get on the email list, two things happen they know who you are, you provide the initial value, it’s free, you don’t charge for everything. The key is to get them on the email list, once you get them on the email list then you could start offering affiliate programs. Pick a niche, whatever you feel like you want to do, that you’re good at. But whatever you do, do not send people directly to an affiliate link before getting their email address. You’ll get the commission but they’ll make all the money on the back end. The key is you want to control, control, control. You need to protect yourself.

All In All

I’m going to keep it at that. If you like it, subscribe to my channel because I am putting out a lot of good content and courses but I have limited it to 3,000 students. So guys go ahead and occupy your seat so you are good to go. Also, let me know your affiliate marketing experience, the pros, and the cons, how you like it how you don’t like it. Start the conversation below. See you guys at the next video piece

Rod Robinson

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